Terms & Conditions

BuyCharity is a unique online marketplace where UK Charities or Community Interest Companies (hereinafter referred to as Registered Organisations) can offer their donated and new goods for sale to the general public. BuyCharity is exclusively for the use of Registered Organisations to support their organisations charitable objectives. BuyCharity is not a seller of goods on this online marketplace. All items on offer, new or donated will have the selling Registered Organisation clearly shown against the item. All Registered Organisations offering items for sale on the BuyCharity marketplace are fully accredited to sell items on BuyCharity and have signed up to the BuyCharity Customer Promise.

 All Registered Organisations selling on the BuyCharity online marketplace are fully registered with the Charity Commission (Charities) or Companies House (Community Interest Companies - CICs). They will use the monies raised on the BuyCharity online marketplace in pursuance of their charitable objectives. The charitable status of the Registered Organisations on the BuyCharity online marketplace does not limit or change in any way your rights as a consumer.

 Your rights are briefly described below and key elements of the current legislation that sets out your rights is highlighted. This page is for informational purposes only; if you are unsure about your rights or how the legislation applies to you, you should seek professional or legal advice, or you can visit:

 https://www.gov.uk/consumer-protection-rights or call your local Citizens Advice helpline.

Your rights when buying online

 Your rights when buying online are covered by legislation, two key elements of that legislation are:

 ·    Consumer Rights Act – Full details can be viewed by following this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/consumer-rights-act-2015/consumer-rights-act-2015

 ·     Consumer Contracts Regulation – Full details can be viewed by following this link: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2013/3134/contents

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies to any purchases from a retailer or trader, the act describes how any goods offered for sale need to meet three important criteria.

 ·      The item sold must be Satisfactory; this means that the item must be to a standard and quality that can be reasonably expected from the information provided at the time of purchase and the item price.

 ·      The item should be As Described; it should meet the description provided by the seller at the time the item was purchased and it should meet expectations.

·      The item must be Fit for Purpose; the item must be able to meet the purpose that it was meant to serve.

 The Consumer Rights Act (CRA) also provides guidelines for the timescales in which things should happen if you are not happy with the item(s) you receive or something else goes wrong. For more detailed information about The Consumer Rights Act (CRA) follow the link provided or take professional advice regarding your rights.

The Consumer Contracts Regulation sets out clearly what information a seller must provide to the buyer. Sellers must provide the following information:

·         A full description of the product or services being offered for sale.

·         Clear and accurate indication of the price of the product or services.

·         The cost of any delivery charges or other associate charges.

·         How to make payment and the timescales for delivery.

·         How the order can be cancelled.

·         All the relevant information should be available to the purchaser.

 For more details about your rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulation follow the link provided or take professional advice.

 Using the BuyCharity online marketplace.

 The BuyCharity online marketplace is specifically used by Registered Organisations to raise funds to support their charitable work. When buying from a Registered Organisation on the BuyCharity online marketplace, follow the procedures below:

 ·      Always check out the item you intend to purchase thoroughly before purchasing. Review the written description and view all the photographs available for the item carefully.

 ·      To understand the posted items categorisations, see explanation below:

 I.      Donated Used – Postings in this category are items that have been previously used before they were donated. Always read the full description of the items in this category to get a full understanding of the items condition. Donated Used items may have been Gift Aided by the donor, if so, the amount the Registered Organisation may receive will also be displayed – you only pay the purchasing amount.

 II.    Donated Unused – Postings in this category are for items that have been donated but have not been in use by the donor. These items may have been in the donor’s possession for a period of time, an unwanted gift for example. If the item has been Gift Aided, the total amount the Registered Organisation will receive will be displayed – you only pay the purchasing amount.

 III.   Brand New – Is used for items supplied directly from a manufacturer or a wholesaler. If the Brand New category is selected, the item will be subject to VAT, for items in this category, the VAT will be included in the purchase price displayed.

 IV.  Refurbished – This category is used for any item that has gone through a refurbishment process either by a professional company or by the Registered Organisation offering the item for sale. If this category is selected, read the product description carefully. If you have any further questions, contact the Registered Organisation offering the item for sale using the email link provided. Items in this category may be subject to Gift Aid or VAT, this will be shown on your delivery documentation.

 ·      If you have any questions relating to any item, contact the selling organisation via the email link provided and ask your question clearly and concisely before making the purchase. All Registered Organisations on the BuyCharity online marketplace will endeavour to respond to any questions relating to further item information within 48 hours (not including weekends or bank holidays).

 ·      If you are unhappy with the item you have purchased when it is delivered, or if you have any other concerns regarding your purchasing experience, you should contact the selling Registered Organisation via the email address provided within 48 hours of receipt of the item. Do not return the item until you receive instructions from the selling Registered Organisation.

 ·      When you contact the selling Registered Organisation, be clear and descriptive in your email, describing which of the criteria you believe the item fails to meet. (Satisfactory – As Described – Fit for Purpose) or fully describe what you are unhappy about regarding your purchasing experience. See the description of the criteria in the Consumer Rights Act above. You can also follow the link provided to view the full Consumer Rights Act or take professional advice.

 ·      The selling Registered Organisation will endeavour to respond to any concerns you have regarding the item you have purchased or your purchasing experience within 48 hours of receipt of your email.

 ·      The selling Registered Organisation will work with you to resolve any problems relating to the item you have purchased or your purchasing experience.

 ·      If you are dissatisfied with the resolution suggested by the selling Registered Organisation and you have expressed your dissatisfaction to them and feel you have not had a satisfactory response, in the final instance you can contact BuyCharity on the email link provided. Please enclose copies of all your communications with the Registered Organisation concerned (the seller) and explain why you feel the solution offered by them is unsatisfactory.

 ·      The BuyCharity resolution officer will fully investigate any issues you have raised and will make an independent decision based on the findings of that investigation. That decision is binding on the Registered Organisation.

 ·      All Registered Organisations offering items for sale on the BuyCharity marketplace do so with the sole intention of raising funds for their respective organisation.

 ·      Consequently, the goods offered for sale on the BuyCharity marketplace are not offered to be shipped on an “on approval” basis.

 ·      Shoppers on the BuyCharity marketplace are expected to fully review their purchase before making an order, any outstanding queries can be satisfied via the email communication channel provided.

 ·      In the event of any dissatisfaction, with a purchase or the process of purchasing, shoppers are expected to use the procedures as detailed above.

 ·      None of the published procedures are intended in any way to limit or invalidate any rights you have as a purchaser in law.

 On behalf of all the Registered Organisations on BuyCharity, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience and find something of interest and value to you. We would all wish to extend our thanks for your support. Without the support of the general public, many of these Registered Organisations would have had to close, particularly in these very difficult times. BuyCharity is part of the response by the charitable community to find a way to raise the much needed funds without being a further burden on the general public, especially at a time when everyone has experienced difficulties. BuyCharity offers you a way to support these and also get a bargain or find that long sought after collectable.