About BuyCharity

BuyCharity along with CompasseHub is operated by Charitek CIC, which is the administration department for Age UK South Lakeland, registered charity number 1141415, providing digital solutions for Charities and Community Interest Companies.

BuyCharity is a unique online Charity Shopping platform where every selling organisation is pre-checked to ensure they are a fully bona fide Charity or Community Interest Company. Every Charity or Community Interest Company is committed to use all the revenue generated by using the BuyCharity online platform in pursuance of their charitable objectives.

For shoppers using BuyCharity, you are assured that every organisation registered to offer items for sale on the platform will abide by the ethos as expressed in the BuyCharity Customer Promise.

During these most difficult times, most people have been affected one way or another by the pandemic, with many suffering financial hardship. Charities and Community Interest Companies have been subject to savage funding cuts for the last decade, but notwithstanding our financial positions, many have stepped up during the pandemic and supported clients through very difficult times.

In order that our organisations can continue to deliver those much needed services, we need to increase our incomes. However, now is not the time to be rattling tins or asking the general public for handouts, rather we are offering the true Charity Shopping experience, online.

Welcome to BuyCharity, we sincerely hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience. If you don’t find anything that catches your fancy at this time, do not forget – you can simply make a donation to any of the registered Charities or Community Interest Companies of your choice. BuyCharity is growing very fast with more organisations registering to offer items every week, return often to browse the new items posted on BuyCharity.

We are adding more features to the site all of the time. recently we have launched Item Hunter alerts and My Interests collector requests, where, if you register for an account, you are able able to ask the Registered Charities and Community Interest Companies if they have a particular item in their stock that they may not have posted for sale online – a real boon for collectors.

With the warmest welcome,

Phil Whiteley

CEO of Age UK South Lakeland and Charitek CIC