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WECare was set up by UK vet Dr Janey Lowes in 2014 when she saw the plight of the street dogs while on holiday in Sri Lanka. Realising the dogs had everything they need to survive – food, freedom and a safe place to sleep – except access to high standard veterinary care, she couldn’t turn her back on them. So, she moved her life to the island to live her calling.
Since 2014, WECare has grown from a one-man-band to a dedicated team of 30 individuals, working together to help, treat and educate. We’re a mixed bag of vets, nurses and animal lovers from the UK, Sri Lanka, Australia, India and Poland. We have a core team of permanent staff but we wouldn’t be able to run without our amazing volunteers.

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There an estimated three million street dogs in Sri Lanka, lacking even the most basic veterinary care. As vets, we find that unacceptable – we believe every single animal in the world deserves high standard veterinary care.

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