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About Us

The Tricycle is an independent charity shop that is working under the umbrella of the charity IRFF-UK. The Tricycle is so named because it supports three different charities. Half of the profit raised in the shop goes to IRFF-UK and the remainder is split between a national charity, Kidney Care UK, and a local charity which is changed on a monthly basis.

What We Do

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, (IRFF-UK) is dedicated to the purpose of finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease while promoting opportunities for long-term sustainable development for communities in need. There are currently projects running in Uganda, Gambia, Ghana and South Africa focusing on education, skill development and health improvement. We also support Kidney Care UK who work throughout the UK helping those with kidney disease and charities local to the shop in Alton, Hampshire.

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The Tricycle Charity Shop

Supporting IRFF-UK, Kidney Care UK and local charities