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About Us

We are a registered charity based in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

We have been operating for over 24 years and have provided essential support to our local community.

Working with a small team we have certainly 'punched above our weight', with many of our initiatives being adopted or replicated nationwide.

We have maintained the prices in our two traditional charity shops for over 24 years. This enables members of the community to have access to affordable items.

Our online presence is significant and we operate two sorting and storage depots.

Our objects are simple - to support any local person in need and to provide food via our pop-up shops with no questions or referrals.

What We Do

We are the charity who invented the 'Pop-Up/Top-Up' idea which has spread throughout the UK. Back in 2013 we formed partnerships with all major high street supermarkets such as Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose, Lidl, Aldi and more.

We collect food which is still good to eat and redistribute it to those suffering from food insecurity.

Our model was even described as 'the perfect way' from the dispatch box in Parliament.

Not only do those in need have accessible food but we also prevent this food from going to waste.

In addition to the above we have been providing free breakfasts for children at three local schools for over ten years, we provided £20,000 of cutting-edge to nine local schools, introduced a period poverty scheme to a local school, bought £10,000 of equipment for local nursery schools and have assisted innumerable local people with financial grants, voucher support and we offer free wheelchair use.

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