Millom Network Centre Limited

Registered Charity No: 1117218

About Us

We are a Community Charity based in the town of Millom.

Millom Network Centre Limited (MNC) came into existence on the 12th December 2006 and was based on Salthouse Road, Millom, but since moving to our current premises on Devonshire Industrial Estate and a change of leadership in 2020, we have evolved massively, we still have our core principals of building a stronger Community within Millom and surrounding areas, but also to support anyone who finds themselves in crisis or needs help and assistance in any way.

What We Do

We provide many services of which we are extremely proud. Such as Meals On Wheels which is not restricted by age or financial circumstances.
We have a Community Food Shop which is run on a membership scheme that enables people to shop at very affordable prices along with many items which are offered for FREE. A Men's Group which is aimed at reducing social isolation and allows them a warm safe space whereby they can get together with the provision of a Free Meal.
We also have an up-cycling group which is open to all.

We also create safe spaces whereby activities can be run such as Adult Learning, Disability Groups & so much more.

MNC strives to provide clients with ‘Proactive Advice’ whereby they can be signposted to organisations who can assist with a broad spectrum of assistance required if their problems are outside our remit or capabilities. Thus, we are keen advocates of linked working with various organisations.

These services are vital to our community, upon whom many rely be it on a weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc usage. Some users access more than one service, which is more than acceptable as it proves our need to ensure these continue.

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