Welcome to BuyCharity - online charity shop

While we try to navigate the legacy of living through the unprecedented global pandemic of Covid19 one behavioural shift that has been firmly adopted is online shopping, covering all eventualities from the weekly shop to a new car! One sector that has been under represented online is charity shops, BuyCharity.com has been developed to bring the nation’s charity shops online together for you to browse a bargain from the comfort of home. 

The internet has been a lifeline while we’ve all been isolated with new alternatives of household selling platforms cropping up overnight to meet the needs of different audiences, be it based on age, location or interest. What makes BuyCharity unique from the crowded marketplace of online shopping is that every penny spent on BuyCharity helps a charity to support a cause you care about.

How severe a financial impact the pandemic will have on our communities and charities within those remains to be fully seen, but the way money is raised for charity is already changing. And what better method of supporting charities than in a transactional way? BuyCharity offers shoppers access to the vast array of quirky items only a charity shop could boast, but unlike other selling platforms that profit from charity sales, all profits generated through BuyCharity offer charities unrestricted income to fund their work.

Hugh Tomlinson, CEO of Age UK South Lakeland and Managing Director of Charitek CIC says;

 “In order that charities can continue to deliver much needed services, we need to increase our incomes. However, now is not the time to be rattling tins or asking the general public for handouts, rather we are offering the true Charity Shopping experience, online.”

Whether you’re looking to shop more sustainably, reduce your spending, or are tantalised by thrift, BuyCharity offers a new way to support charities while bagging a bargain.

“BuyCharity is growing very fast with more organisations registering to offer items every week.”