Vintage Women's Chinese Jacket Top Red & Black with Leaf Pattern Design

Vintage Women's Chinese Jacket Top Red & Black with Bamboo/Leaf Pattern Design

This item was donated in good, used condition.

The jacket does have a branding, it looks like "yeong fwu", though we were unable to find anything with this name online.

The label likewise has what may be a size tag ("LL") but we can't see any instances of double L being used in chinese sizing, so it may be unrelated.

The following measurements were taken by us:
Total length (from collar to waist): 68cm
Chest: 90cm (measured underarm to underarm then doubled)
Sleeve length: 42cm

The designs that make up the buttons are supposed to be stuck flat against the top, but on the very bottom button, on the "hoop" side, part of the design is no longer stuck and sticks up. This can be seen in the last photo.

Please see photos for further details.

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