Royal Doulton - Rollinson's Portraits Of Nature - Set of 8 plates - Limited Edition (L13)

Complete set of 8 Royal Doulton 'Rollinson's Portraits of Nature' Bone China Plates. Painted from original artwork by wildlife artist W. Geoff Rollinson. These colourful collectors plates present the wonderful wildlife of the British Countryside and Waterways. Each plate is fully marked to the base with Royal Doulton stamp and has individual Plate Number. Released in 1988/1989

Size: Each plate measures 21cm diameter and comes boxed with original certificate of authenticity.

Plate names and numbers:

  • Otter Pair on a River Bank - 3938E

  • Foraging Bank Voles - 263C

  • A Stoat on the Alert - 4124B

  • The Badger on his evening prowl - 3869B

  • The Attentive Fox - 1608B

  • The Weary Hedgehog - 4004D

  • Harvest Mice at their nest - 8182A

  • Red Squirrels on a branch - 1675A

No chips, marks or scratches.

Product Code: 000770


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