Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers Boxed Chess Set - Detailed Sculptured Pieces

Lord Of The Rings "The Two Towers Chess Set" Includes 3 NEW Characters "Warg Rider" - "Wormtongue" - "Treebeard"

This detailed artisan sculpted chessmen pieces with a matching board and additional accessories... straight out of the movie

Antique ivory and Chinese lacquer finish chess set with extra new bonus character pieces included

Full chess set with board and chessmen pieces also include additional extra pieces and accessories...Perfect gift idea

32 Hand Sculpted and finished chess pieces

1 High gloss finish picture playing board

King - Gandalf Saruman
Queen- Galadriel Wormtongue
Bishop - Frodo Warg Rider
Knight -Aragorn Lurtz
Rook - Treebeard Moria Orc
Pawn - Sam Orc

Vintage item in original box (characters and board are in unused condition whereas external outer box may be slightly tatty bearing minor signs of storage otherwise in clean condition)

Product Code: 000025


Age UK South Lakeland

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