Large Job Lot of Approx. 150 Beano Comic Issues From years 2015-2020

Large Job Lot of Approx. 150 Beano Comic Issues From years 2015-2020

These items were all donated used.

We counted 154 total comics.

Trying to give a full rundown of 150+ total donated comics is difficult! Quality ranges from very good to literally being held together by tape. For the most part the majority of them seemed to be "good" with minor wear like dog-eared pages. Some of the worst cases we saw were where the spines had been fully taped up.

We tried to show off various examples in the pictures - both good and bad. We circled a few bad spots that may have been harder to see. Pictures 3 and 4 show a mix of good and bad conditions. Picture 6 shows a spine that has been fully taped. Picture 7 shows what may be the worst spine that hasn't been taped but is held together by the staples, picture 8 shows where a comic has not been taped and the actual pages has become completely loose. Picture 5 shows a full set of what we considered "good" conditions.

While we couldn't do a fully examination of every comic, from our checks, these bad cases are all relatively rare in the lot, especially the fully loose ones (2 total that we counted). For the most part even the bad condition comics are still perfectly readable.

From the couple dozen or so comics we flipped through fully we didn't see any children's drawings or other pen marks inside, but we can't say that's the case for all of them.

The earliest comic is from January 2015, while the latest is from May 2020. These are both shown in the last picture. Some of the more notable issues are shown at the bottom of picture 1 - 2 Christmas specials, the 4000th issue and a top trumps exclusive.

Please see the photos for more details.

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