JOB LOT of Urinary Catheters & Drainage Bags + Accessories - Home Care

JOB LOT of Urinary Catheter & Drainage Bags + Accessories - Home Care

  • 110 x Prosys 2000ml urine drainage bag (sealed packets)

  • 2 x RUSCH FEMALE only urinary catheter (sealed packets in box)

  • 22 x Prosys Clinisupplies P500L-LT urine drainage bag (sealed packets in box)

  • 7 x Prosys Clinisupplies P500L+ urine drainage bag (sealed packets in box)

  • 5 x HARTMANN MoliCare Premium Fixpants Size 'L' (unopened)

  • 1 x pack of cloth wipes (unopened)

  • 7 x Prosys PSU2 2000ml drainable, non-sterile, single use night bag (in previously opened bag)

  • 5 x Coloplast Simpla catheter retaining strap (sealed packets in box)

Use-by dates vary and range from 2023 to 2026

** Please only purchase if you are familiar with these items and their use. **

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