Job Lot of Approx. 45x Vintage View-Master Reels Various Types

Job Lot of Approx. 45x Vintage View-Master Reels Various Types

These items were all donated used. Condition varies - some are in very good condition. Others are in good condition but have yellowed, and may have some marks on them (see picture 4 for a good example). We have not tested these reels so we are unsure if any of this wear would affect viewing quality. All of the pictures in each reel are present.

The most notable reel is the "Lake District I" reel, which has actual damage to the sides (see pictures 6&7). We do not know if this would affect the ability to use this reel.

Reels are stored in a variety of containers, mostly single-reel sleeves. Some reels are obviously stored in the "wrong" place, for example the Jimbo Jet-Set and Wind in the Willows packages have both their correct reels, but also other unrelated ones packed inside them. Based on that we can assume that some reels do not have their own storage and it is not possible to properly store all the reels in their "correct" places.

There are a couple of duplicate reels.

Full Contents:

  • 1001 London I (x2)

  • 1006 St. Paul's Cathedral

  • 1040 Devon Scenes (x2)

  • 1047 Sussex Scenes

  • 1050 Cornwall Beauty Spots

  • 1051 Cornwall II

  • 1052 St. Ives To Newquay

  • 1054 Ilfracombe To Minehead

  • 1070 The Lake District I

  • 1071 The Lake District II

  • 1079 The Duke of Bedford's

  • 1080 Coventry Cathedral

  • 2911 Reel One Coventry

  • 2912 Reel Two Coventry

  • 2913 Reel Three Coventry

  • 5311 Christchurch South Island New Zealand

  • Adventures of Sam Sawyer

  • Disney's The Jungle Book (2 reels)

  • The Dukes of Hazzard (3 reels)

  • The English Lakes (2 reels)

  • Jimbo and the Jet-Set (3 reels)

  • Postman Pat (3 reels)

  • Reels 1-3 Lake District

  • Superted (3 reels)

  • Thomas the Tank Engine (3 reels)

  • Wind in the Willows (3 reels)

  • XM-3 The Christmas Story

Please see photos for further details.

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