Job Lot of 16x Packs of Top Trumps Cards (1 Sealed) + 1 Pack of 'Crap Trumps'

Job Lot of 16x Packs of Top Trumps Cards (1 Sealed) + 1 Pack of 'Crap Trumps'

These items were all donated used - except for the "Elf on the Shelf" pack, which still has sealed cards. Most packs are in good or very good condition. The Doctor Who cards are in worse condition, with the edges of the card heavily worn down, and one card having a tear in the bottom right. This can be seen in picture 5.

All Top Trumps packs have been checked and all but one have 30 playing cards accounted for, the sole exception is the predator pack, which only has 25 as shown in the last image. Not every pack includes the front "title card" or the 2 back cards that tend to act as advertising. We're not sure if this is because these packs are missing them, or because they simply stopped adding them to packs.

The Crap Trumps card pack has 55 cards inside instead, and they also act as regular playing cards, with a suit and card number in the corners, as shown in picture 4.

Please see the photos for more details.

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Ref: All/C6

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