Hubble 14 Frameable Prints Large Paperback Book

Hubble 14 Frameable Prints Large Paperback Book

Hubble: The Print Collection showcases some of the most dramatic and beautiful images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Each image is presented as a large poster with accessible information on the back.

Frameable prints include:

  • Jupiter

  • Saturn's Rings

  • Carina Nebula

  • Eagle Nebula

  • Orion Nebula

  • Butterfly Nebula

  • Cat's Eye Nebula

  • Crab Nebula

  • The Milky Way

  • Messier 66

  • Stephan's Quintet

  • Antennae Galaxies

  • Omega Centauri

  • Sombrero Galaxy

Also includes the Anatomy of Hubble.

All photos included.

Please note that this item was donated used so it may show some signs of age and use, there is some slight wear to the front cover due to storage but overall it is still in good condition with clean and clear photos.

Please see the photos for more details.

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