Greys GTS 500 5 / 6 / 7 Fly Fishing Rod Reel & Spools Set Water Lake Sea

Greys GTS 500 5 / 6 / 7 Fly Fishing Rod Reel & Spools Water Sea Lake

The fishing reel has been previously used and will thus show some signs of wear. The reel generally appears to be in very good condition. We have not tested the functionality of the item however the reel smoothly spins clockwise & anti clockwise. Due to us having limited knowledge about fishing reels we are unable to identify any signs signs of potential problems. The reel comes with one spool - # 7 FLT spool already loaded. There is a further 2 spools included which are #7 INT1 & #7 S3. The reel & spools do come with a protective bag however the zip on one side of the bag has broke and only partially zips up on one side. Please see photos for details.

We are selling 2 bags which contain the same contents & description as shown above.

Each quantity = 1 bag set with all the contents as described above.

Set includes:

  • Reel already loaded with # 7 FLT spool.

  • #7 INT1 Spool.

  • #7 S3 spools.

The spools all appear to be fully loaded however we can't confirm if or how much of the coiled line on the spools have previously been used.

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Ref: WHS/D13

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