Gold GPO Retro Pushbutton Telephone

Gold GPO Style Retro Pushbutton Telephone

Get maximum bling from a ring, with this gold-effect, old-school, landline plug-in telephone.

If Snoop Dogg or the 'Made In Chelsea' set are on your speed-dial list, this is the 'phone for you - If they're not on your list, you can pretend they are.

A totally pre-loved item, in perfect working order, with a few little marks - but don't all gold nuggets have a flaw or two?

Product Code: 000039


Age UK South Lakeland

Collect in Person: Age UK South Lakeland E-Trading E-Trading Dept. Modgate House, Station Yard Kendal Cumbria LA9 6BT 07741261472 (View Map)