Collection of 3x Mixed Pendelfin Stonecraft Items - Cottage, Stand & Bathtub

Collection of 3x Mixed Pendelfin Stonecraft Items - Cottage, Stand & Bathtub

These items were all donated used, and do have some pretty heavy wear.

The cottage has some blu-tack residue on the stones in front of the door (see picture 4). It also has green stainings all over. And the felt on the bottom has been entirely removed (see picture 5), meaning it also no longer has a label.

The timber stand also has a lot of green staining, some blu-tack residue along with some felt where Pendelfin figures were presumably stuck to the stand in the past (see picture 6).

The bath is in relatively good condition, though the water has some yellow staining (see picture 8).

There is also a plant pot item that was donated along with the rest. We're unsure if it is a Pendelfin item, though it looks like it may have been stuck to the blu-tack spot on the cottage, as the pot itself also has blu-tack on its bottom.

There are 2 branch items that fit into a hole on the cottage's figure, one with green leaves and one with white. Only one can be inserted at a time (see the last picture).

The cottage is approx. 10.5cm tall, 18cm long and 9cm wide.

The stand is approx. 10cm tall, 24cm long and 20cm wide.

The bathtub is approx. 3cm tall, 7cm long and 6cm wide.

Please see pictures for details

GA Ref:9812012019397

Ref: GSS/D15

Listed by: KC

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