Collection of 25+ 'Classics From the Comics' British Comics, Beano, Dandy & More

Collection of 25+ 'Classics From the Comics' British Comics, Beano, Dandy & More

These items were all donated used. The comics are in a variety of conditions. Some are in very good condition, while others look kind of rough. None of them have any major damage that we've noticed, the worst cases are things like creasing, small tears to the covers, or dog-eared pages. The majority of them seem to be free from even those though.

You can see that one of them has been written on on the back (see picture 3). That same comic has some writing on the first page (seen in picture 4). That issue didn't seem to have any writing/ink over any of the actual comics inside luckily.

The only other writing we saw over the comics was a "April 2009" on the cover of one issue, an "M" on another cover, and "Jun" crossed out on a third. It seems like the previous owner started writing the dates of the comics, but gave up rather soon.

We didn't notice any other issues that had writing on, though we didn't have time to check every page.

There are 26 total volumes of "Classics from the Comics". Full break down of issues:

  • 97, 101. 104, 107, 110-114, 118, 122, 124, 127, 136, 142, 145, 147-150, 152-156, 158

Along with these, there's also a 70th anniversary special collector's edition Beano magazine, a "Dennis and Gnasher's Wild 'n' Wicked Strips' mini-comic (no.1), and a Dennis & Gnasher Christmas poster. The poster may have originally come with one of the other comics here.

Please see photos for further details.

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