Black & White Print Photograph of Bears Belly Edward Curtis Framed

Black & White Print Photograph of Bears Belly Edward Curtis Framed

This item was donated in good, used condition. There is some tape on the back of the frame to help hold everything in place.

This appears to be a black and white print of the 1908 photograph of Bears Belly taken by Edward Curtis.

Bear's Belly was a highly respected and honored warrior of the Arikara, and became a member of the Bears in the Medicine Fraternity.

Full frame size approx. 39.5cm x 32cm.

Just the print itself is approx. 30.5cm x 23cm.

The print appears to have been cut out from a white piece of paper and stuck on the beige-coloured background.

*After making this listing we realised on other items in this set we received, the back of the print seems to be part of a calendar (with dates in squares). Since these items were all donated together and all share the same frames, style and general idea (black & white prints of Edward Curtis photos), we'd assume this item was also cut out from the same calendar.

It seems as if there was originally a stand on the back, but has since come off.

Please see photos for further details.

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