'Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1713' Violin 1/2 Size with Case

'Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1713' (Copy) Violin 1/2 Size with Case

This item was donated used, so it may show signs of previous use and age, but is overall in good condition.

The violin measures approx. 21", which we're led to believe makes it a 1/2 size violin.

The violin comes in a black case. The case has some stickers on it, one of which is half peeled. The edges of the top of the case are also slightly peeling, revealing the wood underneath. Unfortunately due to photo limits we are unable to get good shots of this, so please send us a message if you'd like to see more.

We do not have a key for the case, however the slot that the clasp goes in to appears to be stuck locked, so the clasp cannot enter the slot. This means it will always be pointing straight, as you can see in the last photo. The case can still be shut via the 2 side hinges.

The previous owners name has been written inside the case (on the little flap that houses accessories).

A bow is included in the case, it seems to be in mostly good condition however a few hairs are loose on it.

Also inside the case are some accessories. A "Lark" shoulder rest, plus a bag of spare "Lark end bits" (as written on the bag).

Some extra violin strings. There are 4 packs of strings - one is still sealed, 2 are open but the strings don't appear as if they've been used, and the last string does look used. These can be seen in picture 12.

A box of Hidersine rosin. The block of rosin has been cracked down the middle.

There is also a wooden stick in picture 11 with the rosin. We believe it to be the "soundpost", which is supposed to sit vertically in the violin. We found it laying loose horizontally and rattling around inside the violin, so we removed it. Unfortunately we are unable to place it into the violin vertically.

2 one-page music sheets are also inside the case.

Please see photos for further details.

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