925 Silver Hallmarked Tiny Angel Charm Pendant in F. Hinds Jewellery Box

925 Silver Hallmarked Tiny Angel Charm Necklace Pendant in F. Hinds Jewellery Box

This item was donated in very good, used condition.

Due to the nature of donated items, we're unsure if this was the original box. The padding inside the box has slots for a necklace chain, which is not present. Our research does show that F. Hinds does have charms just like this (including another angel one), but we can only speculate the origin of this item and box, e.g if it was originally sold with a chain which the previous owner removed.

The charm measures approx. 2cm tall, including the hoop. Measuring just the angel itself is closer to 1.4cm.

The 925 hallmark is found on the hoop that the chain goes through. Due to the small size and angle we were unable to get a good photo of it.

Please see photos for further details.

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