4x Packs of Vintage Card Games PIT, Lexicon Card Game, Counties of England, Whot

4x Packs of Vintage Card Games Pit, Lexicon Card Game, Counties of England, Whot

These items were all donated used, and show various signs of wear, but are in generally good condition.

Along with the games in the title, there is also a rule book for the game "Whist", which can be played with any standard pack of playing cards (1-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace), however a pack of those cards is not included.

We have looked through all the packs and confirmed all cards accounted for. The rules for all games are also present, except for PIT.

The case for WHOT has some crayon marks on it.

The inner case for PIT has become unstuck on one side (see picture 4). This could potentially be fixed with glue.

The "Bull" and "Bear" cards for PIT also have "500" written on them in pencil (see picture 5)

Please see pictures for details

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Ref: GSS/C18

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